7 Earth Day Activities For Kids

Ideas to involve kids in celebrating Earth Day and to help honor and preserve our beautiful planet.


4/19/20233 min read

Earth Day is in April! Let's get our children involved in helping to preserve our beautiful planet. Here are 10 ideas to help honor Earth Day.

1.Introduce children to the love of nature. Get them outdoors!

When children are outside more, they learn to appreciate all the beauty this planet has to offer.

So get them outdoors and make it fun. Take a hike, plant some flowers, or even go to your local zoo to learn about animals.

Getting children off their screen and outdoors will instill great values so they will want to continue the fight in preserving our planet!

2.Start a fruit or vegetable garden with your children

Learning about sustainable food sources is important for our planet. You can help inspire children to grow their own fruits and vegetables in their own backyard.

Don't have a big backyard? Plant some strawberries or tomatoes in a flower pot! The health benefit from home grown, organic foods is enough of a reason to start. Even raising a few chickens for eggs is a great idea.

You can use this as a teaching moment to talk about how important sustainable food sources are. Let your child practice taking care of something by having them plant, water, weed, and harvest their food by themselves. They will have more pride, and appreciate how much work goes into growing food.

3.Beach Day Clean Up

If you live by the coast, chances are they will organize a beach day clean up. You can check out volunteercleanup.org

Type in where you live to find a local clean up event. These are usually organized by third party organizations, businesses, or non-profits.

4.Talk about conserving energy and water in your house

This is a simple way to start introducing conservation to your children. Talk to them about how energy and water is not free, and when you leave on the lights or sink when brushing your teeth, this wastes water and can hurt our planet.

You can even make a game out of it to make it fun and memorable! Time them to see how fast they can turn off every light in the house. Or reward them if they remember not to leave the water running for too long.

5.Learn More about Nature online

I love National Geographic for kids! They have really good educational vidoes, games, and activity ideas geared for children.

Check them out here: NatGeoKids

6.Make Recycled Art

This is a fun way to learn about recycling and reusing instead of adding to our landfills. Grab any item you would normally throw away, and let your child use their imagination to re-design it into something new!

7. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger hunts are so amazing for kids! they have so many benefits, including:

  • Word and object recognition

  • Motivation to go outside and explore

  • Build Problem solving skills

  • Hands-on learning

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